Saturday, November 15, 2008

Project Christmas 2008!!

First off, many apologies for not updating this blog, especially about what's happening. We've been busy. ANYway, Christmas is coming(!!) and look what's up!

It's the one and only Project Christmas 2008!! *cheers* It's going to be something different from what we've been having for the past years, so come join us!

Two enthusiastic groups from a college and a university will be joining us for presentation at various places which includes malls, homes and hospitals. Presentation will be on the first two second and third weekends in December, so make sure you make those dates free; presenting or not, just come! :)

Practice for Project Christmas officially started yesterday (14th November 2008). AFC members would be aware of it if you guys checked your mail! :)

Anybody can join this. Yeahp. Anybody.

Practices will be on every Friday from now on, unless if we cancel it. We will definitely notify you guys if it's canceled. Or else you can give us a call or email to confirm anything! Please bring your 'survival kit' and please wear proper attire i.e. sports shoes and sports attire.

If you have any questions, do drop an email to Daniel or Andrea

See you soon! :)